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Lamina Bronze Plated Wear Strips & Gibs/Hydraulic Motors

Lamina Bronze Products have been used in Automation and Machine Tool Assemblies for quite some time. The Strength of a Mild Steel backing and the Lubricity of Bronze is a unique combination for both Flat Wear Surfaces and Round Bushings. Lamina Bronze Flat Products are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths up to 48” in length. Cut to your length at no extra charge. Some sizes of Flat Products are available with Self Lubricating Graphite Plugs. Metric and Solid Bronze Flat Products are also available.

Round Lamina Bronze Plated Bushings are available in both Head and Headless styles and varying lengths. In addition, Solid Bronze and Graphite Plugged Solid Bronze Bushings come in many diameters and lengths. Guide Pins in Head, Headless and Demountable models make for a perfect guiding system in tooling assemblies.

Lamina Hydraulic Motors use a Matched Gerotor. While small in size they provide very High Torque at Lower Speeds. Unique to these Motors is the Internal Lamina Bronze Bearing Surface that the Motor Shaft Rotates on. 6 Motor Sizes and a variety of Mountings provide for inclusion in a variety of Applications from Plastic Injection Molding to Index Mechanisms.





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Hydraulic Motors

MANUFACTURERS Anver Brauer Clamps Danly-IEM Dayton-Lamina Fairlane
Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
Modern Rapid Air
Rentapen Inc.
Royal Slide Products VekTek