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Tool Room & Maintenance 


Tool Room

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Argon Grooved, Flat, Round & Step Style Steel Stamps

Beechem Layout Fluid/CMD Hi Pressure Lube/DIECO Grease

IMI Magnetic Products for Tooling & Maintenance

LSP Hammers Soft Lead-Free Alloy/Solid Yellow Brass/Malleable Iron

Lamson Specialty Lubricants/EDM Dielectric Fluid

Precision Brand Brass/Blue Temp/Steel/Stainless Steel Shim Stock

Royal Small Diameter Pins & Punches

Reid Supply Clamps/Collars/Handles/Hinges/Vises

Shims Die/Fixture/Machine Laser Cut Shims

Slide Metal Cleaners/Rust Preventatives/Lubricating Grease

Sturdy Sleeves– Hex & Square hole

Vlier Ball Plungers/Spring Plungers/Spring Stops


MANUFACTURERS Anver Brauer Clamps Danly-IEM Dayton-Lamina Fairlane
Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
Modern Rapid Air
Rentapen Inc.
Royal Slide Products VekTek