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Automation/Machine Components

Machine Components

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Anver Vacuum Products features many Cup Styles and Materials for your demanding applications

Brauer Air Movers provide a means for conveying light materials, extracting fumes or cooling off products

BTM Clamps and Grippers made in Marysville, MI are Industry proven products used in many “high cycle” applications. 

Diamond Case Shafting Cut to length or Machined to your Specs is a High-Quality Product with Dependable Delivery. 

E&E Special Products Air/Hydraulic Cylinder accessory items made to Machine Tool Standards along with Machine Leveling Jacks.  Micro Adjustment Screws allow for Micrometer Precision Adjustments on Tooling and Machinery. 

Fairlane Bumpers and Rollers “soften” impact of part transfer with many styles, sizes, and material choices.

IMI Magnetic Transporters for use on Robotic Material Handling and other Automated transfer Equipment.

Lamina Bronze Wearstrips & Gibs have the strength of Steel, Lubricity of Bronze with a very low coefficient of friction, available in many sizes.  Lamina Hydraulic Motors small in size and Large in Performance, Gerotor Technology.

LSP Fluid Dispensers allow for programming Low Volume, Low Pressure, Precision Spray where it is needed.

Pacific Simplicity Plain Bearings are corrosion resistant, operate in wide temperature ranges and are Self Lubricating. 

Polyurethane Products Slip on Roll Covers for steel rollers reduce noise and are gentle to conveyed products

Sturdy Hex and Square Hole Sleeves are broached into a Round OD for ease of guiding to prevent rotation. 

Tech Products Machine Mounts “built in” Leveling, help to reduce Vibration as equipment operates quieter.

Vektek Pneumatic and Hydraulic Clamping provides options for varying clamp forces required

Vlier Leveling Pads swivel 15 Degrees off Center to help with floor/foot misalignment, Steel and Stainless Steel.

Vlier Spring Loaded Devices in many sizes and models provide effective use as detents, indexing and part ejection.


MANUFACTURERS Anver Brauer Clamps Danly-IEM Dayton-Lamina Fairlane
Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
Modern Rapid Air
Rentapen Inc.
Royal Slide Products VekTek