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Anver has manufactured superior vacuum system components since 1968, including suction cups, vacuum cups, vacuum lifters, vacuum system components and vacuum lifting equipment. Anver offers American-made products known for exceptional strength and longevity. Recently expanded, Anver continues to stock a comprehensive line of vacuum components which can be quickly delivered. Anver has earned numerous certifications and meets standards such as AWS welding certification, ANSI ASME Standard B30.20, OSHA safety and health compliance and European requirements.

Since 1998, E.L. Simeth has distributed Anver flat-style and bellows-style round vacuum cups in a variety of diameters and materials. Vacuum cup spring-loaded suspension assemblies are available for compensation in object height variation, providing consistent cup pressure on each pick-up and extending cup life. Small oval vacuum suction cups, available in many sizes and materials, adapt well to varying surfaces, and in some cases can reduce the number of cups needed for successful material handling. Generic-style vacuum suction cups are available in various materials and sizes.

E.L. Simeth also offers Anver’s complete line of vacuum generators and pumps along with standard fittings for proper mounting. For application engineering assistance, please call us at 800-837-9270.



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Anver Vacuum Cup and Accessories

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Anver Level Compensator Suspension

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Anver Vacuum Generators and Accessories

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Anver Vacuum Pumps

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Anver Vacuum System Accessories

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