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Vlier – Spring Loaded Devices

Vlier pioneered Spring-Loaded Device design and manufacture in the 1940’s. A wide variety of styles, models, and materials are available. The Hex Nose Plungers are unique as an open end or socket wrench can be used for insertion when mounting from the top. Ball Plungers, Stubby Plungers, Standard Plungers, Retractable Plungers are dependable pressure devices.

Spring Stops are housed in a base with a large pressure pad that can be used in a variety of applications. As with other Vlier Spring Loaded Devices, when time comes to replace these items you can be assured the replacement spring forces will be Accurate/Uniform/Dependable




Vlier – Steel/Stainless Steel Ball Plungers

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Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
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