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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Clamping


Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping products supplied by E.L. Simeth ensure repeatability of clamping and consistent clamping forces to avoid part movement and tool breakage.

Clamping-Work Supports

We carry a wide variety of clamping components (inch and metric-based), precision 7 MPa (70 bar) hydraulic clamping systems and professional-grade pneumatic workholding devices from top manufacturers such as Vektek, BTM and Brauer.


Hydraulic clamps


E.L. Simeth offers hydraulic clamping products rated up to 5,000 PSI operating pressure that can securely clamp parts in applications from automotive and agriculture to welding, and for industrial and consumer markets.


Pneumatic clamps


Our selection of pneumatic clamping systems provides air-operated holding for high-production environments and applications that require consistent clamping forces. Pneumatic clamps are ideal for holding and fixturing in assembly, machining, plastics manufacturing, automation and welding applications.


With decades of experience, E. L. Simeth supplies hydraulic and pneumatic clamping solutions to our customers to increase productivity. We can help you determine workholding solutions based on part size, amount of clamp force needed, cost constraints and other factors.



MANUFACTURERS Anver Brauer Clamps Danly-IEM Dayton-Lamina Fairlane
Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
Modern Rapid Air
Rentapen Inc.
Royal Slide Products VekTek