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Fairlane Gripper Buttons/Rest Pads/Swivots

Fairlane Products Gripper Buttons & Rest Pads are a Solution for your Machining Fixtures allowing Faster and Heavier Cuts. A wide variety of Sizes, Shapes, and Tooth Patterns in M-2 Tool Steel Carbide Tipped, and Solid Carbide. If clamping on a draft angle, then Fairlane Swivots can pick up for that variation to ensure full contact of the Gripper Pad on the workpiece. Rest Pads are available Carbide Tipped, Solid Carbide, 8620 Steel, 17-4 Stainless Steel and Delrin.

While all Fairlane Gripper Buttons and Rest Pads are available with Inch Dimensions, many are also available in Metric.






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