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Die & Mold Components


For anyone who builds new metal stamping dies or maintains and services existing dies, die cast trim tools or plastic injection molds, E.L. Simeth is a source for die and mold components and custom solutions.

Die Components

Our extensive offering includes guide grid pins and dustings, wear plates, gibs, die pad retainers, screw caps, ball bushing pins and bushings, stripper guides, cam slide units, keeper blocks, stock lifters and in-die tapping. We distribute products from top manufacturers such as Dayton Lamina™ Accu-Bend™ rotary benders for flanging materials, as well as punches and dies, retainers, ejector pins.


E.L. Simeth also carries aerosol cleaners, lubricants, rust preventatives, mold release agents and sprays, metal polishes and Super Grease – essential products to lubricate, clean and protect dies, fixtures, and injection molds.





Amcor Pad Retainers



Milfab Cam Punch Units



Unified Screw Caps



Vlier – Hex Nose Spring Plungers



Unikix Springs



Argon Stamps & Holders


MANUFACTURERS Anver Brauer Clamps Danly-IEM Dayton-Lamina Fairlane
Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
Modern Rapid Air
Rentapen Inc.
Royal Slide Products VekTek