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Argon Air Impact Markers/Stamps

Argon Tool Air Impact Markers available in Single Acting (S/A) and Double Acting (D/A) Models provide a Dependable method of Marking Alphabetical/Numerical Codes on Parts or Tags. 2 Rod Styles for Round or Rectangular Stamps are available for each of the 6 Models of Argon Air Impact Markers.

Non-Rotating Cylinder Rods ensure that the marking will have proper orientation mark after mark. Two Rod Styles are offered for either Rectangular or Round Style Stamps.

Mounting holes in the Body or Flange make these markers easy to mount and position in Fixtures and Machines. Optional Position Sensors are available for D/A models.

Using the Maximum amount of Stroke provides the most Marking Force. Recommended Air Pressure is 20-80psi. Look at the Pdf’s below for Specifications and Marking Pressures.

Argon Marking





Argon Tool 7800



Argon Tool 8800



Argon Tool 9800



Argon Tool 28800



Argon Tool 29800


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Kaller Lamina Lempco MB Metal Technologies
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